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War situation in Ukraine

Vlag Oekraïne
Since the start of the war situation in Ukraine, several Belgian government departments have been closely monitoring the situation 24/7. This involves not only looking at the situation on the ground, but also at the possible impact on national security in Belgium.

Permanent monitoring

Specialist government services working in different fields (including cyber-security, nuclear security and military security) are permanently monitoring the situation and are in contact with international organisations. These include the Federal Agency for Nuclear Safety (FANC), the Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB) and the National Crisis Center (NCCN). There is constant consultation between these services.

Reception of refugees

One of the major challenges is the reception of war refugees. In the coming days and weeks, many refugees will have to be accommodated in this country. In order to organise this reception in a coordinated manner, a working group has been set up including the various federal and regional services. The National Crisis Center is also in close contact with the provincial governors in order to ensure the link with local authorities.

Tips and advice

The National Crisis Center website offers all kinds of information on how to prepare for an emergency situation. Those general tips and advice also apply now. No further advice has currently been issued.

We note that there are many questions about iodine tablets and the cyber threat – read more about them here:

Psychosocial support

This war situation has dominated the media for days. This news coverage causes strong emotions such as uncertainty, anxiety, anger and fear in many people. Consume the news wisely; it is not necessary to follow the news all day. Take some time to relax too. Those in need of a conversation can always turn to a number of specialist organisations for this purpose.