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Registration of displaced persons from Ukraine – August 2022

Fed asil. IBZ.
The purpose of this monthly report is to collect and present figures concerning displaced persons from Ukraine who receive temporary protection in Belgium.

Below are the data for August 2022:

  • As for the 3,111 persons received a certificate of temporary protection. Compared to the previous month, this is a slighty drop of 1% (3,156 people in July)
  • The majority were women (54% of persons in August). 74% were adults and 99% had Ukrainian nationality
  • In terms of accommodation needs, Fedasil referred 616 persons to a crisis shelter, i.e. 20% of the persons who received temporary protection in the course of the month. The other persons had an accommodation solution in Belgium.

More information

Temporary protection 

The displaced persons from Ukraine who arrived in Belgium can register in Belgium in order to receive temporary protection and, if necesary, accomodation.

Displaced persons can register in Hall 8, on the site of Brussels Expo in Brussels. Persons who fulfil the recognition conditions, immediately receive a temporary protection certificate which entitles them to the delivery of an A-card with a validity of one year, which is issued by the administration of the municipality where the person concerned is residing.

The Immigration Office is the federal body responsible for the registration of displaced persons.

Fedasil takes care of the referral of people, if they so wish, to a temporary accommodation that is provided in the Belgian municipalities. The municipalities are responsible for the provision and coordination of temporary accommodation, including accommodation provided by private persons.