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Medical care Ukrainian refugees

Are you in danger? Do you need urgent medical care? Call the emergency numbers 101 or 112.

How can I get free medical care?

Here is what you need to do:

  • register yourself at the registration centre of the Immigration Office. You will then receive a temporary protection certificate.
  • Register with a sickness fund. You can find a list of sickness funds here.
  • If you are registered with a sickness fund, you can consult a general practitioner, dentist or another health care provider for medical care.

Do you need medication?

  • Always communicate important medical information to the physician. Tell him/her what medication you are taking. This can be important for the care you receive. The physician will always treat the information confidentially.
  • If you take medication for a long time, be sure to consult a physician in time to receive a prescription. If possible, take the packaging of your medication with you.
  • The physician may prescribe equivalent medication. This medication may look different in shape and/or color.

Do you have trouble sleeping, do you worry and have stress?

To help you cope with trauma, stress or other suffering, you can receive psychological counseling. Discuss this with your GP or ask for help at the OCMW of the municipality.

What should I do if I need medical care or medication in the weekend or at night?

For a general practitioner on call:

For a dentist on call:

For a pharmacist on call

What should I do if I have a chronic disease that requires specialised care?

You can consult a general practitioner, who will treat you or refer you to the appropriate specialized care, if necessary.

For the treatment of tuberculosis, you can also contact a specialized VRGT centre:

For HIV treatment, you can also go to a reference centre:

Can I be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, by going to a vaccination centre in the area where you stay.

Can I be vaccinated against other diseases?

Protect yourself and your children against serious diseases (polio, tetanus, measles) and get vaccinated. The most important vaccines are free in Belgium.

You can find information about compulsory and recommended vaccinations for the whole family on the website https://www.vaccination-info.be/